The YOGA of BRAINBLOODVOLUME will,through intellectual understanding and physical practise of its 3 SUTRAS, lead the INDIVIDUAL ISNESS incarnated in the human body of any gender or skin colour into living in the metaphysically mystical state of SELF-REALISATION with its EXPERIENTIAL kNOWINGNESS of  RE-UNION with the ISNESS of the UNIVERSE.  This is the state of experiential knowingness of your unique and autonomous nature as an INDIVIDUAL ISNESS.

Every INDIVIDUAL ISNESS is a small but equal and unique and autonomous portion of the ISNESS of the UNIVERSE that incarnates in a series of human bodies,lifetime after lifetime,until SELF-REALISATION,with its concomitant UNION with the ISNESS of the UNIVERSE is attained to. This state is BEYOND ENLIGHTENMENT and has no gods or godesses. Your active membership of this state generates Neutral Karma leading to experiential knowingness of and with the  "something behind it all" which is the ISNESS of the UNIVERSE and which is the Creative Centre of all beings and beingness. Existence is revealed as its very "SELF"



                                   SUTRA 1

                  HOMO SAPIENS CORRECTUS

                         The Large Mechanism


In this, the 1st SUTRA, Bart Huges explains the disadvantages of having sealed Osseus Integuements of the cranium and how to bring about reversal of their effects of decreasing the Brainbloodvolume by committing the permanent action of TREPHINATION and/or by using PSYCHOVITAMINS with their temporary physiological and metaphysical effects of increasing the Brainbloodvolume. By increasing the Glucose and Oxygen content of the blood you will experience "the best vibes that there are in all existence "-- your eternal  nature awaits--come! Explore YOUSELF--..


Brainbloodvolume and Cerebrospinal fluid are 2 bodily fluids permanently subjected to gravity's downward pull . Cerebrospinal Fluid is lighter than blood , so it rises and floats upwards into swelling the brain ventricles while the brainbloodvolume is pulled down into the body's central nervous system, thereby decreasing the Brainbloodvolume and preventing access to the higher braincentres.          Any slight increase in the Brainbloodvolume squeezes the brain's tissues which causes the pineal body in the brain to be squeezed and secrete its Psychovitamin Bufotenin which in turn restricts the drain veins in the neck thereby increasing the Brainbloodvolume. All other Psychovitamins ( LSD, Mescalin, Psylocybin, Cannabis) also act by constricting the drain veins in the neck from the brain, causing the Brainbloodvolume to back up and accumulate in the brain thereby increasing the volume of blood in the brain -- the Mechanism of Brainbloodvolume in action. If there is sufficient Oxygen and Glucose in the Brainblood the effects of Hypoxia(insufficient Oxygen) and Hypoglycaemia(insufficient Glucose) will be avoided and the experience will lead to experiential knowingness of your eternal nature.

This 1st SUTRA was researched and written by Mr Bart Huges with support and advice from his ammanuencis Mrs Barbara Huges


                                Sutra 2

                               The Ego

The Ego operates as a conditioned reflex directing the glucose and oxygen enriched Brainbloodvolume into the brain centres that are in action.                                                                                                                 This Sutra explains the physiology of  how the brain centres work in relationship with the Ego.

The Ego is the speaking,listening ,reading and writing centre in the brain and is dependent on word recognition for it to function.

This Sutra was researched and written by Mr Bart Huges with support and advice from his amanuensis Mrs Barbara Huges

                                   Sutra 3

               Individual Self Realisation

Individual Self Realisation is the result of intellectually understanding and physically assiduosly performing the 3 Sutras of the Yoga of Brainbloodvolume for some time- usually a few years.Through this practise the INDIVIDUAL ISNESS incarnated in a male or female body of any skin colour, uses the INDIVIDUAL SELF to replace the familial/societal birth-groupmind created INDIVIDUAL  MIND and it's creation the CONDITIONED IDENTITY as the Ego's correct operating identity. This replacement is achieved by continuous, frequent DEEP NASAL BREATHING 24/7 and by using minor and major Psychovitamins with their temporary experiential knowingness of the ISNESS of the UNIVERSE. These actions over time completely eradicate the INDIVIDUAL MIND and its creation the INDIVIDUAL CONDITIONED IDENTITY and their ,since birth psychic contract with and domination by and surrender to to their source which is the Familial Birth-Goupmind. You have been conditioned since birth by your innocently ignorant and unaware parenters to believe and act as if you are the familial birth -groupmind created Conditioned Identity, but as you grew from birth your life's experiences led you ( the Individual Isness reading this ) to create an alternative unique INDVIDUAL SELF ID-ENTITY as the operating system for  the Ego of the body that you, the INDIVIDUAL ISNESS are incarnated in. This leads to cerebral conflict for control over the EGO between the INDIVIDUAL ISNESS created INDIVIDUAL SELF and the individual ,familial, societal created INDIVIDUAL CONDITIONED IDENTITY, which can only be resolved by practising the 3 Sutras of the Yoga of Brainbloodvolume which in turn will completely eradicate the INDIVIDUAL MIND and its creation the INDIVIDUAL CONDITIONED IDENTITY and will leave you, the INDIVIDUAL ISNESS ( which is a small, equal, inependent portion of the ISNESS of the UNIVERSE), in charge of the EGO and the body and in permanent UNION(YOGA) with the ISNESS of the UNIVERSE.

               There is no stopping us now

This Sutra was researched and written by Mr Mannley Collins with support and help fom amanuencis Mrs Grene Collins

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